Floor Layout for Siege Tower

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Floor Layout for Siege Tower

Post by Staff on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:43 am

The Siege Tower is incredible to behold, soaring 80 floors above its lobby, towering over any other build in the city. Though not all of its floors belong to someone, many belong to inhabitants looking to carve out a slice of luxury above the chaos of the city below. Some bring the chaos to there floors, others more sinister hobbies. Regardless of what you do or who you do it with, its important to know who owns what and where before you wander into territory that isnt yours.

Lobby: TBD
Floor 1: TBD
Floors 2-3: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (SAF)
Floors 4-12: TBD
Floor 13: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (St)
Floors 14-22: TBD
Floor 23: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (St)
Floors 24-41: TBD
Floor 42: Ichiro au Icarus, Heir of Red Legion
Floors 43-67: TBD
Floor 68: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (Sov)
Floors 69: Dauth au Chaum, CEO of "The Sin of Knowledge"
Floor 70-73: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (KM)
Floor 74: Owned by as of yet unknown buyer (SAF)
Floor 75-76: Temero au Andromedus, The Viper Child of Discord
Floor 77: Lounge Co-owned by members of the Andromedus family
Floors 78-80: Bezyle au Andromedus, The Maker of Discord

Should anyone wish to let the faithful secretary in the lobby know about there homes on other floors so that he or she may update the ledgers, its a first come first serve basis. You need not tell us what you plan to do on your floor, in fact you may not even know, but rest assured, we do not discriminate. Out of town buyers may apply as well. We welcome all business here, at the Siege Tower.



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